Learn About Merin Mixing Tubes

Learn About Merin Mixing Tubes

Our abrasive waterjet nozzels is made from a special carbide material which is a nano tungsten carbide-based material and proprietary manufacturing process.
During our whole production, the nano tungsten particles which contribute super wear resistance is formed using the patented process. In order to make the nozzles come with higher hardness and superior wear resistance, we hardly add the soft metal binder during the processing.
All the above methods and materials contribute to optimum nozzle performance. The result is a super durable material that fifiercely resists abrasive and erosive wear.

The unique benefifits you will enjoy for using our abrasive waterjet nozzles:
.Best cost-effectiveness solution per hour used
.Up to 120 hours of precision cutting
.Faster cutting speeds
.Greater dimensional accuracy
.Predictability-nozzles perform the same every time.

Merin’s value in premium consumable parts is simple: high quality for your waterjet system, more money in your pocket. We offers premium replacements parts for every major brand

BFT replacement parts

Flow replacement parts

Jet Edge replacement parts

KMT replacement parts

WSI replacement parts

Custom tubing

Considering the general interaction of focusing tube and water orifice, there are also some things to take into account. For example, the proportion of the respective interior diameters is important for the precise focus of the cutting jet. Moreover, tube and orifice have to be exactly aligned. Normally, a concentric, slightly wavelike wear can be observed, especially at the tube inlet. If the alignment is imprecise, the wear increases and affects the jet’s quality after a shorter period of use. This may result in a diversion of the cutting jet at the tube outlet and a deterioration of the cut quality at the workpiece. Further factors which particularly influence the product life are the inlet velocity of the waterjet as well as the amount and quality of the abrasive and of course the material quality of the focusing tube.

Taking all of these features into account, our focusing tube is first choice for many operators of waterjet cutting machines. Starting with the choice of material, we offers different quality levels which enable a product life of up to 120 hours – possibly even more depending on application. Considering that a long-lived focusing tube makes for a precise cut which lasts over an equally long period, a high quality tube may reduce the downtime of the whole machine. Furthermore, we has optimized the tube’s geometry and material with over 10 years of experience to accomplish the best possible cutting performance.